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This is FantasyStud!

A Fantasy Sports Card Game

FantasyStud, an all new way to play fantasy sports, is brought to you by PokerSports. It combines a traditional fantasy league with a traditional seven-card stud card game. Here's how you play!

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Poker Players and the Smooth Transition to Fantasy Sports

With the introduction of FantasyStud, PokerSports’ first card-based fantasy sports game, the industry is reaching out to a key demographic: poker players. On the surface fantasy sports fanatics and poker enthusiasts don’t appear to have much crossover, but when you dig deeper, you’ll see that the transition is actually quite smooth.

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We Are PokerSports

The Future of Fantasy Sports

PokerSports is bringing entirely new ways to play to the already booming world of fantasy sports. The company’s card-based games are set to change the industry as we know it by emphasizing a communal, social network-like atmosphere that still incorporates the many traditional aspects of fantasy sports that users love.

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